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Umrah 2014

Umrah 2014

Bookings for Umrah 2014 has begun and unlike 2013, which has been one of the most turbulent years of  Hajj and Umrah history, 2014 is expected to surpass expectations, both in terms of pilgrim numbers and services. The congestion created by ever increasing number of pilgrims every year has been taken care of by Saudi government by adding a ring shaped structure around Kaaba to add a layer of pilgrims performing Tawaf. The new construction has made it possible for a significantly larger number of pilgrims to be accommodated .

So the visa problems that were faced by thousands of Muslim brothers and sisters are likely to be eased, if not vanished this year and it is expected that any and everyone wishing to go for Umrah will be able to go.

This website is aimed at those who want to take advantage of the early bird (please excuse the trite) prices and book in advance. Right now, the prices are much lower for even Ramadan 2014 bookings and are expected to rise as soon as a date for Umrah visa opening is decided by Ministry of Hajj Saudi Arabia. So you should not hesitate and ask for a booking. Our experience of years in the Hajj and Umrah business allows us to give you prices for all of 2014 in advance.

Insha Allah, subject to Umrah visa opening, we are also taking bookings for December 2013 Umrah as well. First travel will Insha Allah be possible on 121st December 2013. For  the rest of 2014, we not only have group packages, but also have customized itineraries, whereby you can choose which hotels to stay in, which airline to fly with, what mode of transfers to use and what food you would like during your stay in Kingdom of saudi Arabia.

This year, you an also see other places in Saudi due to introduction of Umrah plus visa last year by Ministry of Hajj. Please ask for more details when your phone is answered. Please call our numbers specified or request a call back using the form on the right